We'll reconstruct the building's main line, which distributes the high-voltage current. We'll repair and implement a new internal wiring connected to the intake of electricity from your supplier. We think about the future generations and ensure you are always ready for the full electrification of up to 380 V, so you wouldn't need to crack the walls once you need a new stove or a clothes drier.

We use high-quality and long-lasting wires and modern circuit breakers from ABB and Schneider Electric. Besides, we won't forget about low-voltage current, so people can get a hold of you via the ring bells, you could watch some TV and of course have a high-speed Internet connection (LAN). We'll install the security systems, sensors and encoding (centralised protection and fire security) of the entrances with a chip or card access.

We also provide complete electro-revisions. It's the only way your building remains constantly safe. We can install safe circuit lightning-breakers in front of the switchboard which avoid return surges back of the net.

When there is water flowing in between your walls, it must well sealed. The water has to go only from the tap and preferably warm. Our water pipes work just fine – reliably and in the long term. Why? It's because we use high-quality plastic piping (polypropylen) from manufacturers FV plast or WAVIN Ekoplastik. We also install pass-through waste pipes and safe water heaters.

We design the water pipes distribution, so even the upper floors get the right pressure. If necessary we install water pumps and boilers. For other distributions we use plastic, steel, copper and stainless steel. We can reveal the cause of bad pressure or temperature in the house plumbing and fix and clean the distribution system.

Do you need to wear warm socks at home in the winter, because your heaters don't heat enough? It's probably because they don't have the pressure they should have. And in case you wear ear plugs not to listen to the haunting pipes, again, there is a solution. You just need to know, what to do with your heating distribution. We specialize in hydraulic control of heating, which ensures that the heat (and water) gets to each heater in every room on every floor of your building.

We also understand the so-called equitherm regulation that adjusts your heating system so it doesn't heat when it is warm outside and vice versa. We'll mount your radiators with thermostatic valves and set them to work properly together with a complex system of pumps. In addition, we manage boilers and heat exchanger stations where the water circulates. We make sure the exchanger always knows what to do with the hot water from a central boiler and transmits the heat to the various parts of your building.

Breathe in, breathe out. Breathe in, breathe out. Is it going well? And what about the heat? Is there too much or too little? Ventilation deals with all these any many more issues. We guarantee thermal and breathable comfort inside and ensure a quality exchange of fresh air that can be either chilled or heated on the way in. Air conditioning can regulate not only heat but also humidity of the air.

In addition to the design of a functional system we will take care of the entire implementation. We'll set everything in order to achieve maximum efficiency and system utilization. After the realization we also provide regular service, during which we clean the filters and set the recovery unit to take advantage of previously unused heat and save energy throughout the building, and therefore also your wallet.