From floor to ceiling we will give a new life to the common spaces which are used by all the residents of the building. Even if you need to move or vacate something, we are fully at your service.

Once the space is ready for reconstruction, we will fix and improve it according to your wishes and the architectural design. We can build new partitions, cover your walls according to the color and material sampler, overhaul the stairs, arrange a new elevator and even the forging of a new railings. We also manage to install a new interior doors that separate various parts of your building.

We work only with real mason masters. From the smallest details to radical changes we can demolish and build new brick and plaster walls. Then we duly fill them with internal thermal and acoustic insulation. We pay attention to precise covering of the walls, ceilings and floors, so the stucco wouldn't break and the floor wouldn't be cold. We provide complete construction including drywall decking that lower ceilings for the lighting or ventilation distribution.

Although you may not spend the day by watching the wall, they are always in the center of what you are doing. Even more important than how the wall looks is its durability. We touch and scrub some walls with our clothing and some walls must withstand moisture or high temperature. Therefore we emphasize the quality of the paint, which is in some cases washable, in some cases doesn't stain your shirt and sometimes it can even destroy unwanted bacteria. When the paint is not enough, we protect your walls with tiling and solid binder in the joints.

We provide bathroom and kitchen tile mosaics or flat tiles such as glass panel behind the kitchen units and the stove. We won't leave your floors without a proper protection either. First, we'll lay the cast floor which will be covered with resistant paint in the garages and common spaces, with tiles or floating floor in the hallways and with carpet or wood in the residential areas. The only limit is what you like beneath your feet.

We love when we can give a new purpose to some area. One of the most significant changes can be done in the bathroom units in the block of flats. And layout changes are one of the main reasons for the renovation of the space.

We'll change the residential core according to your needs, including new toilets, bathrooms and kitchens. We will lay a nice tiled kitchen floor and PVC or floating floor in the halls. Everything in order to harmonize with the rest of each room.

We'll take care of the plumbing such as providing hot and cold water, tubs and shower enclosures installations. We assure your new faucets are firmly mounted and you have enough storage space for towels and shampoos.