The three things that trouble many: cold, noise and the run-down exterior of a building. We offer cure for all of those. Based on the type of your building and the design of the architect we will bring the revitalization project to life. We install facade systems from the thermal insulation system leading companies Weber and Baumit. Aside the facade itself we replace old windows with new ones made of durable material and the fitting including new parapets. We pay attention to every detail of the lining so that the new coat of the building pleases the eye and endures over the required lifetime.

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No two roofs are the same. Everything depends on the composition, quality roofing and installation. At INESTAV we use PROTAN film that can withstand the toughest weather conditions. W we have many years of experience with the complete replacement of roofing, structure beams as well as the insulation. When mounting we use the finest tools and provide a guarantee of 10-15 years.

Did a winter hail catch you off guard? Are you dealing with a roof leak? We have a solution. The PROTAN film we use as a roofing material can be welded at even minus 25° C, so even snow can't stop your work. With us you don't have to worry about rain pouring on your Christmas Eve dinner.

Once we get into the renovation of the building, we are interested in the broader context. We pay great attention to what surrounds the building, especially the pavement surfaces and paving of the access pathways. We rely on concrete lock paving which thanks to its profile can be interlocked and therefore hold the surface flat. Such surface is critical especially when cleaning and it reduces the adhesion of dirt. We use high-quality paving and we lay them in such manner, that your way home remains safe and the appearance of the pavement goes together with the rest of your building.

How many times a day do you take hold of the doorknob? How many times a day do you shut the door with a bang? And now imagine all the strain your entrance door must withstand when all the residents of your building go through it as least twice a day. Once you start thinking about reconstructing your entrance portal, it is time to do it properly.

Therefore, we use sturdy steel or aluminum frames with thermal break from renowned manufacturers. At the same time we adjust the shape (and location in the older buildings) of your entrances to suit your requirements.

The entrance is the real showcase for the building

Together with you we will choose the right material and design of the door doors with high-quality fittings. Entrance to the house must endure many things and also keep the building properly secured. That is why we install smart or self-locking systems, security doors and vandal resistant camera equipment. In addition we will embed a new door bell panels so your visitors can easily reach you, and we'll add variable mailbox systems which will reliably serve you every day.